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Spork Original BIO

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Light My Fire's instantly recognisable Spork now made with BIObased plastic. The spoon-fork-knife combo that brings a bit of civilization to the wild and a bit of the wild to civilization. | a mountain store for adventurous people.
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Light My Fire Spork Original BIO

Light My Fire's instantly recognisable Spork. The spoon-fork-knife combo that brings a bit of civilization to the wild and a bit of the wild to civilization.

Designed especially for Light My Fire by Scandinavian designer Joachim Nordwall. The Spork is perfect for your backpack, boat, picnic basket, lunchbox, purse or briefcase.

In their drive to have the lowest possible impact on our planet, Light My Fire have recently switched manufacturing using biobased plastic. The composition is made fully, or in part, from plants or other biological matter depending on the properties required for the different products.

In using renewable organic matter we engage in a regenerative cycle that is not only sustainable but an excellent substitute to fossil fuel dependency. The plants growth cycles naturally remove CO2 from the atmosphere suggesting that a global change to biobased plastics would be equal to stopping millions of tons of CO2 emissions every year.

Light My Fire are on a journey toward 100% natural materials with processes and technologies aligned to that goal. In time this will lead to a truly sustainable natural product with all the benefits of plastic and none of the negatives.

Every step toward this goal is a step towards a brighter future for us all. It does mean a slightly higher price tag than the original standard plastic spork and the BIObased plastic does not seem to have the same strength yet as the original sporks, so you need to give more consideration to how you store it or risk losing a tine.

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